Frequently Asked Questions - Private Investigator (PI) Enhanced Photo ID Card


  1. Is the enhanced photo ID card optional?
    No. It is mandatory and required by law.

  2. Do I have to get a new photo ID card each time I renew?
    No. But you must carry your current and valid pocket license issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services with your photo ID card at all times. The pocket license will indicate your private investigator license expiration date.

  3. Does Psychological Services Industries have out-of-state facilities that can issue the enhanced photo ID cards for PI's who live outside of California?
    No. If you are a licensed California Private Investigator, you must come to a Psychological Services Industries facility in California to obtain your PI photo ID card.

  4. Can I go Psychological Services Industries and have my picture taken if my license is expired?
    No. Your PI license must be in clear status in order for Psychological Services Industries to take your picture.

  5. What happens if I take my picture a couple of days before my license expires?
    Your photo ID card will include the current expiration date. Psychological Services Industries will not be able to determine if you have paid BSIS for the renewal. To avoid having a photo ID card mailed to you with a recent expiration date. Follow these steps: (1) renew first, (2) wait until you get your PI pocket license issued by the Bureau, (3) then call Psychological Services Industries at (877) 392-6422 to arrange for payment and schedule your photo appointment.

  6. What if I do not like my picture?
    Unless there is a technical problem with the film, you will have to pay to have another ID picture taken.

  7. What if I do not get my photo ID card in the mail?
    The photo ID card will be mailed to the address BSIS has on file. If you have not received the photo ID card within approximately two weeks, you should again contact the Psychological Services Industries office where the photograph was taken and request that they check the status of your photo ID card.

  8. How long does it take to get my photo ID card?
    You should receive it within 2 weeks.

  9. Can I still have BSIS issue its old photo ID card?
    No. The old photo ID cards are no longer issued by BSIS.

  10. Is BSIS or other organizations receiving a percentage of the photo ID processing fee from Psychological Services Industries?
    No. The fee charged by Psychological Services Industries goes directly to Psychological Services Industries.

  11. I am unable to get any ink pen to work on the signature line of the new photo ID card.
    A roller ball ink pen will work on the photo ID card.

  12. If my name on my PI license is spelled differently than what appears on my California Driver's License, can I go to Psychological Services Industries and have my picture taken?
    No. You must first contact BSIS to make the corrections before going to Psychological Services Industries to have your picture taken.