Private Security Services DRC

Disciplinary Review Committee History

The Private Security Services Disciplinary Review Committees (DRC) were established, one for northern and one for southern California, for the purpose of considering appeals from private patrol operator, security guard registration, firearm training and baton training programs, and proprietary private security officer applicants and licensees of the Bureauís denials, suspensions and revocations as well as the assessment of administrative fines. Each DRC consists of five members appointed by the Governor with one member actively engaged in the business as a licensed private patrol operator, one member as a licensed firearm training facility, one member as a registered security guard, and two members from the general public.

Duties of the Disciplinary Review Committee

The DRC provides an applicant or licensee an alternate process to appeal the Bureauís decision relating to denials, suspensions, revocations, and the Bureauís imposition of administrative fines for the security industries. Specifically, Business and Professions Code Section 7581.2 states:

Each disciplinary review committee shall perform the following functions as they pertain to private patrol operators, security guards, firearm qualification cardholders, firearm training facilities, firearm training instructors, baton training facilities, and baton training instructors, as licensed, certified, or registered by the bureau under this chapter, and proprietary security officers, as registered by the bureau under Chapter 11.4 (commencing with Section 7574):

(a) Affirm, rescind, or modify all appealed decisions which concern administrative fines assessed by the director.
(b) Affirm, rescind, or modify all appealed decisions which concern denials, revocations, or suspensions of a license, certificate, or registration except denials, revocations, or suspensions ordered by the director in accordance with Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 11500) of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code.

The other appeal process option available is a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge with the Office of Administrative Hearings.