Get the Picture with new Private Investigator Photo ID Card

The Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) has partnered with Psychological Services Industries (PSI) to issue enhanced photo identification cards for private investigators.

The enhanced photo identification card is mandatory and is required by law. A private investigator (PI) must obtain the enhanced Photo identification card at least once while licensed as a PI (Section 7529 of the PI Act). Obtaining an additional photo identification card upon renewal is optional.

Private investigators should contact PSI at (877) 392-6422 or visit their website at: to inquire how to obtain the new photo identification card. PSI staff will take photos on a first come first serve basis at the California Centers closest to the licensee's location. The photo identification card costs $6.00 and is paid directly to PSI. This fee is in addition to regular Bureau licensing fees.

Private investigators who schedule appointments for photographs must present a government-issued photo identification card. Acceptable photo identification cards are:

  • a.) An unexpired State Driver's License.
  • b.) An unexpired State Identification Card.
  • c.) A current U.S. military-issued identification card.
  • d.) A valid passport issued within the last five years.

To be eligible for a photo identification card, you must be a principal member of a Private Investigator License. You must hold one of the following titles:

  • a.) Qualified Manager
  • b.) Owner
  • c.) Partner
  • d.) Officer of a Corporation (i.e., president, vice president, secretary, etc.)

NOTE: If you hold one of these positions and are not listed as one of the principal members of a company, you are not eligible to obtain a photo identification card.

Private investigators who were previously issued an enhanced photo ID by Thomson Prometric/Experior are not required to obtain a new photo ID through PSI.

If you have any technical questions or general inquiries that PSI cannot answer, please contact BSIS at (916) 322-4000. Please listen for the prompt for company licensing and select option 4.