Disciplinary Review Committees (DRCs)


The Bureau has four Disciplinary Review Committees (DRCs): Alarm Company Operator DRC, Collateral Recovery DRC, Private Investigator DRC, and Private Security Services DRCs (Northern California and Southern California). These Committees were established for the purpose of considering appeals from applicants and licensees of the Bureau’s denials, suspensions, and revocations as well as the assessment of administrative fines. DRCs consist of five members appointed by the Governor with three members actively engaged in the industry for which the DRC oversees and two members from the general public.

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Current Members and Vacancies

  • Industry Members
  • Matthew Westphal
  • Lawrence Garcia
  • Brian Boeglin
  • Public Members
  • Randy Kajioka
  • Vacant
  • Industry Members
  • Armando Lopez
  • Collin Wong
  • Beau Lynott
  • Public Members
  • Leticia Alejandrez
  • Maggie Soleimani
  • Industry Members
  • Joey Hunter
  • Donald Kuehner

  • Public Members
  • Mary Beth Garber
  • Tiffany Sagbohan