Application Processing

Individual Applications (guard, locksmith employee, alarm agent, repossession agency employee, proprietary private security officer and firearm permits)

  • Paper Applications: The processing time for a paper application that has no deficiencies is 60 days from the date of receipt. Deficient applications increase processing times. NOTE: The Department’s Cashiering Office can take up to 14 days to complete their process and forward the application to the Bureau.
  • Online BreEZe Applications: The total processing time for a BreEZe application, with no deficiencies, is 6 weeks from the date it is submitted.
  • Click here to view current processing dates for initial paper applications.

    Click here to view current processing dates for renewal paper applications.

    Company Applications

    Due to the complexities of the organizational structure of many company applications as well as the various pathways individuals who will serve as the qualifying manager on a license use to satisfy the qualifying experience requirements, the total processing time for a company application submitted via either mail or online through BreEZe is generally about 75 -120 days from the date the application was mailed or submitted online, provided the application is complete and contains no deficiencies.  

    NOTE:  A certified or approved qualified manager must be in place as a condition for the issuance of a company license for license types in Row 2 of the table below.  If the individual who will serve as the qualified manager on the license has not already passed the qualifying exam, the processing timeframe can be longer based on the time it takes the individual to pass the exam. 

    Company Application

    Processing Timeframe
    (Applications with NO deficiencies)


    90 days

    Proprietary Private Security Employer
    Training Facility (Baton & Firearm)
    Alarm Company Operator

    120 days

    Private Investigator
    Private Patrol Operator
    Repossession Agency
    Training Instructor (Baton & Firearm)

    75 days

    Application Deficiencies:  The total processing time for a company application also may be longer depending on the time it takes for the applicant(s) to address any deficiencies in the application. 

    Checking Application Status:  Email the Bureau regarding the status of your company application if the processing timeframe noted for the application type above has passed and you have not been contacted by Bureau staff.

    Company Email Addresses: